Wilkes University

Meet the Colonel

colonelAre you interested in becoming the mascot for Wilkes University for the 2019-2020 school year?

The Colonel is a leader. A mobilizer. The one who stands up first and inspires a room full of people to follow.

The Colonel is confident, not worrying about what is possible. Only what is right. The Colonel is the catalyst that sparks change. The one who finds new ways of doing things and shows others how to do the same. The Colonel sticks out a hand and pulls you through a tough spot. The Colonel is not a specific gender nor a particular race. The Colonel is a spirit. An attitude. A way of being. A choice. The world needs more Colonels. Will you be Colonel?

The Colonel is unique in that it cannot cheer or yell. Instead, the mascot provides a different type of opportunity to excite the crowd at athletic or other university events! The Colonel can be seen at sporting events, pep rallies, community events, and any other time the school wants to be represented. Mascots are expected to be respectful at all times and not tarnish a school's reputation while providing entertainment for the audience. Some opportunities may be to dance, throw candy, prizes, or t-shirts into the stands, improv, and interact with fans.

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Application packets are due January 22, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. to Melissa Howells, Director of Student Development in the Henry Student Center 1st Floor Office 103B.