Wilkes University

Fun Facts

20 "Lighter" Things You Should Know About Wilkes

  1. Wilkes has a 97% job placement rate.
  2. Each year, more than 585 freshman take their seats in Wilkes classrooms.
  3. The average class size is 23 students.
  4. More than 90% of Wilkes faculty hold the highest degree possible in their discipline.
  5. Wilkes is named in honor of John Wilkes, a Colonial sympathizer who was often poked fun at for his severely crossed eye.
  6. Wilkes has 20 NCAA Division III teams.
  7. Wilkes has over 70 clubs and organizations.
  8. The Wilkes campus spans 35 acres.
  9. The late Dean George Ralston, "the Father of Wilkes athletics," was the first coach of the football, basketball and baseball programs.
  10. Wilkes opened in 1933 as a two-year campus affiliated with Bucknell University.
  11. The $35 million Cohen Science Center opened in 2013 and is LEED-certified.
  12. Wilkes students, staff, and faculty volunteer more than 64,000 hours each year.
  13. The ratio of male to female undergraduates at Wilkes is practically 1:1.
  14. Wilkes students come from more than 19 states and 11 foreign nations.
  15. Award-winning bodybuilder Frank Zane is a 1964 Wilkes alumnus.
  16. 1991 Wilkes graduate John Robert McLaughlin tussled with Joey Tribbiani in a 1998 episode of NBC's Friends.
  17. There are more than 24,000 living Wilkes alumni.
  18. The Wilkes library contains more than 220,000 books.
  19. The campus bell tower is 61 feet high.
  20. The Wilkes baseball field is the location of Babe Ruth's longest home run -- more than 600 feet! Read more here.