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Member Testimonials

Dempsey Uniform and Linen Supply

" I would like to commend King's College for their development oDempsey Unifrom and Linen Supplyf the Family Firm Education program. The program has been a local resource for education, networking and family business planning. Specifically, the Dempsey Uniform & Linden Supply family was moved to action by the first event our family attended. After attending that event, featuring Drew Mendoza, we began organized family/ succession planning. The results of our planning have made Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply a strong business. We are more energized than ever about the growth and continuity of our business.



- Kristin Dempsey, Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply

PMJ ProductionsPMJ Logo

"I am excited and privileged to be working alongside such a talented and diverse Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Wilkes University has been a tremendous partner for the Family Business Alliance and has helped our organization flourish in recent years. With the University's continued support, our new Board structure will allow us to grow our membership while maximizing membership benefits. With Wilkes University as our home, the Family Business Alliance and its new Board of Directors are committed to remaining the premier resource in Northeastern Pennsylvania to help family-owned businesses succeed and grow for generations to come."

- Daniel Haggerty, PMJ Productions


Riggs Asset ManagementRiggs Asset Management Logo

"Just as it is in family business, having a secure and solid foundation is integral to success. As outgoing Chair, it has been a pleasure to work with other family business leaders and Wilkes University to build the premier Family Business Center in Northeastern Pennsylvania grounded with a strong foundation built for success. From hiring of a new Executive Director, to creating world class educational opportunities through Wilkes University and now with the formation of a fiduciary board, Pennsylvania family businesses have a key resource to help them build, grow and transition their family enterprises.

I look forward to watching its continued growth as the Family Business Alliance moves forward under its new Chair, Daniel Haggerty"

- Robert Grahan, Riggs Asset Management

Corcoran Printing 

"We have been a member of the Family Business Alliance for 18 years. Andrew Cornell, of Cornell Iron Works recruited us to join, and we're very thankful that he did. The FBA has been a great resource for us over the years.
The programs are diverse and we learn something new every time. We would highly recommend the FBA to any family business that may be considering joining!"

- Bill Corcoran Sr., Corcoran Printing



Metz Culinary Management                   

For Metz Culinary Management, the Family Business Alliance has allowed us to
connect with other local family-owned businesses. It's a wonderful platform to  
share struggles and successes. We always learn from the experiences of others. We
also find a great deal of inspiration from those conversations, which only helps us to
keep moving forward.

-Maureen Metz, Metz Culinary Management


Baker Tilly

"Our sponsorship with the Wilkes University Family Business Alliance is also beneficial to growing our network in northern Pennsylvania and provides an outlet for us to connect with family and small business leaders and FBA members."

-Kate Antolick, Baker Tilly


Pocono RacewayPocono Raceway Logo

"The Family Business Alliance has been a great resource for us here at Pocono Raceway. It is great to share ideas, problems and solutions with folks who have similar issues and values. We all share a common bond of a family business but also of striving for success."

-Brandon Igdalsky, Pocono Raceway



Kane Is Ablekane is able logo

" I am proud to have a more active role on the FBA board. The new executive committee allows us to work with fresh perspectives to enhance our program and membership. We are committed to deliver content family businesses are hungry for. The FBA membership allows me to connect with other family businesses and to share best practices. The FBA's partnership with Wilkes University has allowed me to become involved with the students at Wilkes. Myself and other Kane associates have been able to present to the students, work with them on their interviewing and resume skills, and offer internships and potential opportunities down the road. The partnership with Wilkes University has been a win-win. "

-Hilary Lyle, Kane is Able, Inc.



Stephens Pharmacy Stephens Pharm logo

The FBA provides us with valuable connections to other family-owned businesses. Through the years we have sought advice, given advice and even done business with a number of FBA members. It's nice to know there are other businesses in our area that face similar challenges. Sharing those experiences is a great way to give back to the community and to                                                          help other families in business.

-Todd Stephens, Stephens Pharmacy


Sordoni Construction  

"The Family Business Alliance has been a terrific resource for both our family and our business.
The professional networking, educational seminars, and family business resources have all                                                                                                            been of tremendous benefit."

- Bill Sordoni, Sordoni Construction




Kane is Able

Kane Is Able | the CPG Logistics Specialists"Kane is Able is an 83 year old company, started during the Great Depression (1930), by Edward Kane, a man with a 5th grade education. Today we have a national presence with the fourth generation family members active in the business.

The Family Business Alliance has been a great resource and we have been a member since the mid 1990’s. We greatly value the information and the resources that the FBA has supplied along with the networking opportunities with other local family businesses.

Family Businesses are the backbone of the US economy and represent 80 to 90% of all companies, 65% of the GDP and 78% of new job creation, and results show that family businesses outperform public companies.

The Family Business Aliance is a tremendous asset and many presentations have centered around succession planning, strategic planning, family governance and many complex issues that make up a family business. It is an honor and a privilege to be involved in a family business and it is important to continue the legacy.

The Family Business Aliance is our trusted partner to help our business plan for the future. I strongly recommend being involved in this program."

- Richard P. Kane, Kane is Able, Inc.


Benco Dental

"To say that the Wilkes University Family Business Aliance (FBA) is about family business is a bit like saying The Godfather is about an Italian family. The family slant is just the beginning:

  • Education: The Wilkes FBA has brought some of the best business speakers and topics to Northeastern Pennsylvania, including programs on employee surveys, business management,succession planning and marketing.
  • Networking: Regular meetings with other family business owners - in most cases, the area's premier business movers and shakers - have proven a most excellent learning experience. In addition, FBA affinity groups have provided a learning forum for other Be nco mangers.

  • Resources: FBA corporate Partners have been very supportive of the program and the member companies. Joining FBA has already paid dividends for Be nco Dental. I would strongly encourage any family-owned (or even closely-held) business in Northern Pennsylvania to become involved in this program. I'm happy to answer any questions a prospective member may have.

Joining FBA has already paid dividends for Benco Dental. I would strongly encourage any family-owned (or even closely-held) business in Northern Pennsylvania to become involved in this program. I'm happy to answer any questions a prospective member may have."

- Charles F. Cohen, Benco Dental

Cornell Iron Works

Cornell Iron Works “We need a steady source of new ideas, and the ideas really need to be relevant to the peculiarities of family business. The FBA is the best source I have found yet of these new, relevant ideas.”

- Andrew Cornell, Cornell Iron Works, Inc.