Wilkes University

Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students

Ahmed AbunabahAhmed

“My English language skills were very weak when I came to Wilkes, but the teachers were very helpful and the classroom atmospheres were very comfortable. All the classes were very interesting and useful.  I feel that I have improved dramatically.”



Abdulaziz Alakeel

“The ESL program at Wilkes University had many advantages. The teachers are friendly and helpful.  They prepare you to get high scores in TOEFL.  Also, the program has good activities for the students; such as, snow tubing, and bowling.  The teaching staff is professional.  I could see my improvement through the semester.”



Mohammed Almoumin


"This program is very good because it improved my English language skills.  Also, we went to a lot of fun places.  For example, we went to New York City, and white water rafting."



Honglei Liu


“When I came to America, I did not know any English, but all the teachers in the ESL program were understanding and helped me a lot. They were willing to help me both in class and during their free time. Now my English has improved, and I am glad that I chose the Wilkes ESL program.”




Hani Abudabah


“When I came to Wilkes, I faced many problems, but all my problems were resolved with the help of my teachers.  My reading improved because I learned many vocabulary skills.  In writing class, I learned to write many types of essays. Also, in listening class, I learned how to take notes.  I had a lot of opportunities to practice speaking English. I have improved my English speaking skills.  Actually, I feel the teachers in the ESL program are like my family.  They are always ready to help me.”



Ven Pham
“I have studied in the program for two semesters.  All I have to say is that I love it. All the teachers are very nice and helpful.  They helped me with any problem such as helping me send a letter when I first came here and did not know English to helping me apply for a driver’s license. My English has improved and I am able to communicate very well with native speakers.  Also, my classmates came from different countries like China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia so I had a chance to meet a lot of people and learn about their countries”