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APKCFEE Entrepreneurship at Wilkes

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Entrepreneurship Major

Students in the Entrepreneurship major of the Jay Sidhu School of Business and Leadership will be taught to create and recognize opportunities, to develop opportunities, to act on opportunities, to create value, and to give back to society. As an entrepreneurship student, you begin this process in your freshman year when your team conceptualizes, designs, and operates your own business. Your exposure to business tasks builds during the next three years and culminates with your completion of a senior internship.

Entrepreneurship Minor
Students from other majors are eligible for the Entrepreneurship minor. The minor offers students the opportunity to learn about the essential elements of the entrepreneurship while gaining hands-on experience in an entrepreneurial environment.

Masters of Business Administration Concentration
The Wilkes University MBA candidate is usually already in a position of influence within their organizations. The Entrepreneurship concentration affords them the opportunity to examine and study the tools and best practices of innovative and forward-thinking companies.

Digital Design and Media Art
Digital Design and Media Art is an interdisciplinary major that blends a solid design and technology core curriculum with your choice of one or more required minors in Art, Communications, Computer Science, English, Business or Entrepreneurship.