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Kraken Boardsports

Krypton Design LLC, dba Kraken Boardsports is a product development company currently focusing in action sports technology and was founded in 2014 in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Kraken’s main product allows users to snowboard without a hill and wakeboard without a boat. Kraken is developing winch systems and technology that will revolutionize the actions sports industry and open up new venues for participation in these sports while providing a new experience to athletes.  The Kraken winch system functions by winding rope around a spool at a speed chosen by the user.  The user holds onto a handle at the end of the rope allowing them to be pulled at their desired speed.

The Kraken One, as currently designed, is most applicable to professional action sports teams and athletes, most notably skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding.  These teams can use the winch to create videos and advertisements featuring their athletes.  Ski Resorts also have use for the winch system as it opens up otherwise unused flat terrain to be used as a terrain park with obstacles.  Future opportunities are in scaling down the winch system to be usable for applications outside of action sports such as sledding and water tubing.

Maxx Bench (Formerly Xonnel Enterprises, Inc.)

The Maxx Bench is the first safe free weight exercise bench in the world that does not compromise the integrity of the exercise. It allows athletes to press the upper limits and rescue themselves from heavy weights by simply pushing a foot lever.

The Maxx Bench allows you to complete the most important final repetitions to make the biggest gains. It allows you to press the limits, and more importantly, press YOUR limits - without ever putting yourself at risk.

Every weight lifter that has ever been on a free weight bench press knows the feeling of maximum fatigue. You have pushed out every last repetition and there is no way you can get the barbell off your chest - until now. With our patent pending safety technology, the Maxx Bench removes the weights safely from your hands after you have pressed yourself to the Maxx.