Wilkes University

Fitness Center

Whether you're a novice, or a champion athlete...

the Wilkes Fitness Center in the lower level of the Arnaud C. Marts Center contains the essential equipment needed to help the Wilkes community stay in shape.

State-of-the-art equipment from Hammer Strength, including motion technology selectorized (MTS) machines, plate-loaded machines, ground-based machines, and free weights as well as a variety of cardio equipment by Life Fitness are available for faculty, staff, and student use.

The MTS machines include incline presses, high rows, shoulder presses, leg extensions, seated leg curls, abdonminal crunches, and well as equipment to work biceps and triceps.

Other equipment features include several plate-loaded machines, a wide grip chest press, front lat pull-down, low row, leg press, kneeling leg curl, rear deltoid, seated calf raise, and a four-way neck machine.

The ground-based machines include two jammers, two squat lunges, a high pull, and a combo twist.

Free-weight equipment, including three benches, three utility benches, four squat racks, and two Olympic platforms are also available as well as stations for incline bench, military press, preacher curls, and chin-and-dip.
Cardio equipment includes six treadmills, five elypticals, and two steppers. There are five bikes -- three recumbent and two upright.