Wilkes University


Wilkes University Campus

Wilkes University Campus

Ivy-covered mansions, state-of-the-art facilities and standing tall in the center of everything, a bronze statue of the eminent John Wilkes, who occasionally sports some interesting accessories. (Don't ask.)

Our campus is a compact 35 acres (a huge benefit when you have to make the mad dash to 8am class) and is situated in the heart of Wilkes-Barre, PA, a city of 50,000 that's only about 2.5 hours from Manhattan and Philadelphia. You can easily walk to Circles on the Square, where they arguably make the best muffins in America.Wilkes University campus walkway  

Even though Wilkes is located right in the middle of a city its historic neighborhood -- complete with mature trees and green spaces -- gives our campus a charming feel that blends past and present.

Each building has a unique and interesting history. One honors a Wilkes-Barre native who was kidnapped by Native Americans; a few are listed on the National Register of Historical Places; and in another, you can circle the second floor without stepping into a hallway.

Many of our oldest mansions still have their original interiors, complete with distinctive stone fireplaces, stained glass windows, and carved wooden molding.

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