Wilkes University

YMCA Building


Talk about a long-term relationship! 

YMCA, now known as 40 West is a newly renovated co-ed apartment-style living environment. The capacity of this building is 59 beds with a support staff of two RAs. Single, doubles, triples, and quads are offered as housing options. Wilkes and its neighbor, the "Y," have been together since the early 1930s. 

These days, the building's fourth-floor modern apartments provide upperclassmen (sorry, freshmen) with a great view of the city. YMCA

If you were at Wilkes in the early 1930s you might have played basketball at the YMCA between your classes at Bucknell University's Junior College. The Wilkes-Barre YMCA provided athletic facilities for BUJC (Wilkes' precursor), and the school's basketball team practiced and played games there.

In its earliest years, BUJC used space on the third floor of the Wilkes-Barre Business College, which was located directly across Northampton Street from the Y. 
If you were at Wilkes after 1964 you might have been a guy lucky enough to live in the Y. Housing needs at Wilkes exceeded supply, so some of the YMCA was converted into dorm rooms. It remained as a male residence until 1969.

In 1980, the Y became known as Miner Hall.
Wilkes leased and renovated space in the YMCA and renamed it Miner Hall. The added space allowed Wilkes to give up its long-term lease of dorms in the nearby Sterling Hotel.