Wilkes University

Schiowitz Hall


Schiowitz Hall is a coed 1st year hall. 

The capacity of this building is 31 beds with a support staff of two RA's. Singles, doubles, and triples are offered as housing options. Although part of the Wilkes campus for years, Schiowitz Hall did not become a residence hall until August of 2000. Its third floor was renovated during the summer of 2003. 

A large lounge area and a kitchen occupy half of the first floor of the house.

Schiowitz is a great place to live because of its central location on campus. 
If you were at Wilkes in 1991Schiowitz Hall  you saw the home of the Department of Nursing (which moved into the building in 1973, and has since relocated) named in honor of Nathan Ned Schiowitz on May 10. Mr. Schiowitz was not born in Wilkes-Barre, but moved to the city soon after his birth in 1906.

From 1924 to 1975, he was head of his family's business, the General Supply & Paper Company, which was a leading force in the packaging industry. Mr. Schiowitz was also an active member of the Wilkes-Barre community for nearly 80 years.

The building now known as Schiowitz Hall was built in 1899.