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Fortinsky Halls

Fortinsky hall

Newly Renovated Sophomore Year Experience Building! 

Fortinsky is a coed 2nd year residence halls. Fortinsky Hall The capacity of the building is 47 with a support staff of 2 RAs, Single, doubles, and triples are offered as housing options.  The hall was formally known as Fortinsky 225-227 and Fortinksy 229! 

The building is pretty centrally located, so it is convenient to get to the cafeteria, the library, and most classroom buildings.

  • If you were at Wilkes around 1987 you might have taken a class or two in Fortinsky Hall.
  • Wilkes acquired the apartment building, named it Fortinsky Hall, and made it home to the School of Business, Society and Public Policy. With neighbors Schiowitz Hall and the Max Roth Center, Fortinsky completed a cluster of academic buildings on this block of South Franklin Street.
  • In 1995, Wilkes constructed a new Classroom and Office Building (COB), which was later named Breiseth Hall. Boasting new facilities, Breiseth Hall allowed the School of Business, Society and Public Policy to move out of Fortinsky Hall, and allowed Fortinsky to be converted into a residence hall.

The building was donated to Wilkes by Robert and Shirley Fortinsky who are known for their commitment to community and philanthropic causes.