Wilkes University

Doane Hall

Doane Hall

Small and -- "shhh" -- very quiet.

Doane hall is a single-sex living environment for first year students. The capacity of this building is 12 beds with a support staff of one RA. Singles and doubles are offered as housing options.

Doane Hall

Doane Hall is one of our smallest dormitories, and offers a unique cozy feel. Doane's first floor features a formal living room and a smaller study/lounge area. Those who live in Doane like the close-knit community the home seems to foster.

If you were at Wilkes before 1973, you might remember a much different building at 56 West River Street. Although the basic structure remains intact, extensive repairs were necessary after flood waters caused excessive damage in 1972.

The home was purchased from Justin Bergman, Jr. in February 1973. The land it occupies was originally part of the Atherton property at 38 West River Street -- now the location of Waller Hall North. It was designed by the Wilkes-Barre based Innes & Levy architectural firm in 1925, and is an example of the "Classical Revival" style popular in the 1920s.

This residence hall is the second Wilkes building to bear the Doane name. The first was located at 239 South Franklin Street, but was demolished in the mid-1970s. John Doane was a local physician. His wife Gertrude was a former Dean of Women at Wilkes College. Her portrait still hangs over the lounge fireplace.