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Pre-Physical Therapy

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physical function and prevention of disability following disease, injury, or loss of body parts. The physical therapist's goal is to help each patient reach maximum potential and assume a place in society while learning to live within the limits of his or her capabilities.

Physical therapists are qualified to utilize...
therapeutic heat, light, electricity, water, exercise, and massage to treat patients. Treatment may also consist of exercise regimens to increase muscle power and improve coordination, or helping patients learn to walk with prostheses, braces, or other ambulatory aids.

Psychological and sociological principles are used...
to motivate and instruct patients, families, and others. Physical therapists may delegate selected forms of treatment to supportive personnel while maintaining responsibility for the care of the patient and the continuing supervision of the supportive personnel.

Career opportunities exist in...
hospitals, rehabilitation centers, pediatric facilities, private practice, research, industry, sports medicine, school systems, nursing homes, and other health care settings.

In addition to completing an academic major...
each student must complete the Wilkes Pre-Physical Therapy Core, which provides a base from which students can structure their classes.


There are no universal prerequisite courses for all physical therapy programs so students must consult the school(s) to which they plan to apply to be sure to fulfill the necessary prerequisites.

Physical Therapists work to restore...
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