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Engineering Cooperative Education

Sharon Castano • Henry Student Center • 570-408-2950 (T) • 570-408-7794 (F)

Engineering Cooperative Education

Wilkes University has a specialized co-op program for students who major in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and engineering management. The program allows engineering co-ops to work on a full-time basis to maximize the benefit to them and their employers.

Wilkes University Co-op Students...
  • are screened to meet academic grade-point and course-work requirements, and have achieved junior status.

  • receive training in professional ethics and expectations, and receive state-of-the-art laboratory experience and advanced university preparation for engineering positions.

  • are available for full-time spring co-ops (January-May), which may be extended through the summer if such employment arrangements are beneficial to both the employer and the student.

  • are required to write technical reports and complete a final academic project and an on-campus professional presentation related to the co-op experience.

How Employers Can Participate...
  • Start by contacting the Wilkes University Office of Cooperative Education and Internships. A staff representative will answer your questions, and if possible, arrange a visit to your organization.

  • Tell us about the position(s) you offer by using the co-op announcement form we will send to you after our initial contact.

Your Organization Will Benefit By...
  • gaining access to pre-screened workers proficient in the latest technologies.

  • establishing an effective recruiting tool for future full-time hiring.

  • gaining enhanced human-resources flexibility with effective short-term employees.

  • establishing a strong network with Wilkes Engineering students and faculty.

  • gaining energetic and motivated engineers who can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to your work site.

  • getting assistance with adjunct staff needs, research studies, and special projects.

  • conducting an Independent Co-op Search.
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