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Information for Employers

Sharon Castano • Henry Student Center • 570-408-2950 (T) • 570-408-7794 (F)

Through a coordinated effort between the Co-o Education & Internships Program

Wilkes faculty, and intern/co-op site mentors, students obtain valuable practical experience while organizations obtain capable, young, professionals who are able to help meet goals.

Students who meet academic standards and departmental requirements, and have completed at least 30 credits, are eligible to participate in fall-, spring-, or summer-semester programs.

Each professional intern is assigned to a faculty coordinator with a background

related to his or her field experience. The internship program requires that the student work at a placement site for a specified number of hours -- part-time during the school year or full-time during the summer. During that time, the student will fulfill learning objectives developed under the guidance of the site supervisor and the faculty coordinator. Academic credit is awarded to Wilkes University students upon achievement of objectives, positive employer evaluations, and a credit-worthy academic project.

Organizations interested in employing the professional services of interns should

submit job descriptions to the Wilkes Cooperative Education coordinator.

Business Admin
Int'l Business
Int'l Studies
Political Science
Theater, Dance
Engineering, Electrical & Mechanical & Environmental 
Computer Science
Computer Info Systems
Earth & Environmental Science
*Accounting also offers full-time senior co-op employees
who work for eight weeks, January to April.

Descriptions should include
  • duties.
  • requirements.
  • number of hours required per week.
  • rate of compensation.
  • a contact person.

Organizations should submit requests for co-op students at least one month

prior to each semester. Requests for part-time employees should also be submitted.

Students who are seeking internships are notified of open positions,

in accordance with their majors, based on the organizations' needs. After an employer chooses an appropriate candidate, the intern and supervisor arrange a schedule. Students are expected to be on site for a minimum of 15 hours per week to earn three credits. Students and supervisors arrange mutually convenient schedules and a start date. If it is necessary and beneficial, students and organizations may decide on a start date that is prior to the beginning of a semester.

Program Requirements
Students are required to complete:
  • an academic term project,
  • biweekly time sheets,
  • reaction papers, and
  • a statement of academic employment objectives.

Site members are asked to
  • serve as mentors and assist students in formulating and achieving goals,
  • learn objectives related to the position,
  • allow faculty and cooperative-education staff to visit the student on site,
  • sign students' biweekly time sheets, and
  • complete two evaluations, sent by Wilkes, of the interns' performance.
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