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2014 Season Info

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Wilkes University Marching Band



First and most importantly-Most of the pre-game and halftime show music is available to download (Parts for Wilkes Is In Town Again, the Star Spangled Banner and I Love Rock and Roll are still in preparation). Go to the My Wilkes website, sign in with your Wilkes user name and password, click on the Schools and Departments tab, go to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences frame, find and click on the Marching Band line, and download the parts for your instrument. All of this music is copyrighted specifically for use by our band, so please do not share these parts with anyone else. Listed below are part assignments for sections with multiple parts. You should practice this music and know it well by band camp.

Part Assignments

Drum line, except for Jim and Erin, should practice and learn the snare parts for Got To Get you into My Life. This is your audition piece for snare line. Because we do not know how any of you play, drumline instructor Mike Nederhood will audition everyone who has prepared the snare part then decide who plays what. Jim and Erin are already assigned to two of the three bass drum parts, so one is open. All part assignments for all instruments are subject to change based on the musical abilities of each player and the needs of the group. We are still looking for someone to play bass guitar and keyboard in the pit. If you have a friend who plays bass or piano and will attend Wilkes this fall, please tell them of our need. They do not have to be able to march.

Clarinet: Autumn Peck, Section Leader Pre-game-Cl. 1 Autumn Peck, Sarah Hankey, Cl. 2, Lauren McClintock, Courtney McMonagle I Love Rock and Roll (not included in the download packet) Shake, Rattle and Roll-Cl. 1 Autumn Peck, Lauren McClintock, Cl. 2 Sarah Hankey, Courtney McMonagle Got To Get You Into My Life-top part, Autumn Peck, Sarah Hankey, bottom part, Lauren McClintock, Courtney McMonagle True Colors-Cl. 1 Autumn Peck, Courtney McMonagle, Cl. 2, Sarah Hankey Lauren McClintock Happy-top part, Autumn Peck, Lauren McClintock, second part, Sarah Hankey, Courtney McMonagle

Trumpet: Pre-game-Tpt. 1, Katie Kuntz, Tpt. 2, Elizabeth Jensolowsky I Love Rock and Roll (not included in the download packet), Tpt. 1, Katie Kuntz, Tpt. 2, Elizabeth Jensolowsky Shake, Rattle and Roll-Tpt. 1, Elizabeth Jensolowski, Tpt. 2, Katie Kuntz Got To Get You Into My Life-Tpt. 1, Katie Kuntz, Tpt. 2, Elizabeth Jensolowsky True Colors-Tpt. 1, Elizabeth Jensolowsky, Tpt. 2 Katie Kuntz Happy-Tpt. 1, Elizabeth Jensolowsky, Tpt. 2 Katie Kuntz

Low Brass-Everyone should practice the solos-we will audition for all solo parts.

Full List of Music 

All of this music will be played on the field from memory.

Pre Game
Fanfare and Entrance
Wilkes Is In Town Again
Star Spangled Banner

I Love Rock and Roll
Shake Rattle and Roll
Got To Get You Into My Life
True Colors

Various pep band tunes to be played from the stands. A flip folder will be provided with all the music included. You will not need to memorize this music.

Band Camp 

August 14 - 21 (All Marching Colonels must attend the full week of band camp)


Those who have a housing contract with Residence Life may move into their permanent room on August 13th. There is no extra charge for Band Camp week. Move in is between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm and you will get the key to your room from a band student in the lobby of UCom. The evening meal will be at your own expense but you may eat in the Dining Hall. There will be a band meeting at 6:00 pm in our rehearsal facility in UCOM. More information on this meeting will be provided with the band camp schedule next week. Those who commute or live off campus are not eligible for University housing.


All members of the Marching Colonels are provided with three meals/day without charge. The University pays for each meal, so we need to know from commuters and those who live off campus which meals they will eat in the dining hall. Please fill out the PDF form below and return it to Dr. Simon by e-mail if you are a commuter or live off campus. If you have special dietary needs please send me an e-mail with that information so that I can tell Dining Services of your requirements.


Every member will be fitted for a new pair of Drill Master marching shoes during band camp. This is one of the few costs for your participation in band. The Shoes are about $30.00 a pair.


Derek Jolley, one of our percussionists, is designing a T-shirt celebrating the show theme, We love Rock and Roll. It will cost about $6.00 and we will wear it under the marching uniform for all occasions. Extras are available for family members, friends or for yourself. Please return the PDF T-shirt order form below on the first day of band camp.


Because we are a small band with big needs everyone is expected to serve in some capacity to help move, set-up, and break down after each rehearsal and performance. You may volunteer for one of these standing committees. If you don't volunteer for something, we will assign you to a committee to make sure all tasks are covered with a sufficient number of people.

Attendance (3 people): Chair, Assistant Drum Major Martina Barna - Responsible for taking attendance and reporting absences and tardies to the Band Director at all rehearsals and performances.

Quartermasters (5 people) (preferably at least two from the guard and one from drum line): James Daly, Quartermaster Captain - Responsible for moving, setting up and breaking down field equipment (podium, drill tower, sound system, pit instruments), picking up, driving and returning the equipment truck.

Uniform Staff (2 people): Responsible for handing out and collecting uniforms on game days, and moving uniforms to and from the equipment truck when necessary.

Field Lining Crew (4 people): Responsible for setting up and breaking down field lining system after each rehearsal in UCom.

Stands Set Up Crew (2 people): Responsible for setting up equipment in the stands, filling water jugs and roping off the band's seats for home games.

Librarians (2 people): Cassidy Heid, Head Marching Band Librarian-Responsible for having copies of all marching band music available at all rehearsals, organizing music and filling flip folders, passing out flip folders, collecting them and putting all music away at the end of the season.

Band Council (6 people): One from each class, plus the drum majors-Responsible for advising the Band Director and Staff on issues directly affecting the members of the Marching Colonels. Regular meetings will be called to review rules and procedures, establish new policies and advise the band director and staff on outside performance commitments.

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