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FAQs for Parents

Student Services Center - FAQ’s For Parents

  1. When will we find out how much financial aid our family can receive?
    Financial aid is awarded after the FAFSA is completed and prior to May 1st each year. For every student, the FAFSA should be completed as soon as possible—watch for an announcement in January—and aid awards are usually completed in the February-­‐April timeframe. For incoming students these are sent to the home address; for returning students, the award will be available on line.

  2. When will I see a bill?
    Invoices are sent in July for the Fall semester and in November for the Spring semester.

  3. When should I apply for loans?
    Student loans can be applied for at any time after June 1st for the Fall semester and as long as the student is enrolled in the current term. For Direct Stafford loans, the FAFSA is the application, and the student will just need to complete the master promissory note (MPN) and entrance counseling at www.studentloans.gov. For Parent PLUS loans, application can be made at the same site (using the parent’s PIN). For alternative or private loans, application is made directly with a lender. For more loan information, please go to http://www.wilkes.edu/pages/132.asp.

  4. When is my payment due?
    Payments are due before each semester begins. (For the 2013 - 2014 academic year, bills will be due on 8/13/13 and 1/2/14.)

  5. What is FERPA?
    FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This prohibits schools from releasing information about a student to anyone other than the student. The student may provide limited information release by completing a FERPA release form, or they may prohibit all information from being released.

  6. How much information access can I get if I’m paying the bills?
    Information is still governed by FERPA, no matter who is paying the bill. If you are paying your student’s tuition, fees, room, or board, you may want to agree on periodic information updates by the student.

  7. How can I obtain my student’s enrollment information for insurance purposes?
    The easiest way is to ask the student to forward you copies of their grade report for any insurance discounts or their schedule or bill to prove full time enrollment. The student may alsoat any time print out an enrollment verification form from the MyWilkes portal which is accepted by most insurance companies.
  8. Can I be a co-­signor on a loan for my student? If I am, will everyone know about my credit?
    Some private or alternative student loans require co-­‐signors. Co-­‐signors can be anyone over the age of 18 with a good credit history. For specific requirements, you will need to check with the lender from which you intend to borrow the loan. Once the student applies with or without a co-­‐ signor, the University is only informed of the loan approval or denial. We are not informed of your credit history.
  9. How can I make a payment on my student’s account?
    The student can log in to their account on MyWilkes and click on “Pay by credit/debit” or “Pay by webcheck” under MyAccount on the Student Services tab. They may also grant a parent or other person access to make payments by clicking on the “Make a Payment/Enroll in Payment Plan” on the Parents page. Once you are granted access, you will be able to log in there as well.
  10. When can I expect the refund from my Parent PLUS loan?
    Refunds are processed within 14 days AFTER the loan funds have been posted to the student’s account. The student will be able to see when this happens and the amount of any credit balance on their account at MyWilkes. Refund checks are mailed to the permanent home address once they are processed.
  11. Can my student receive a book voucher?
    Students with a credit balance may request a book voucher online. Book vouchers are issued by the University and can only be used for textbooks at the university bookstore only. If a book voucher is not requested, credit balances will be refunded according to the guidelines for refunds. To obtain a book voucher, log in to MyWilkes, go the Student Services tab, and click on Book Voucher.
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