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How to Apply

Max Roth Center• 570-408-7856 (T) • 570-408-3626 (F) • Email

Applying to a study abroad program:

Wilkes faculty-led programs: You only need to complete the Study Abroad Application Form. The application Form requires a one page statement of your goals for the study abroad program to which you are applying. Turn in the completed goals to Erica Acosta, 208 Max Roth, together with your application to study abroad.

Non Wilkes faculty-led programs: You need to first clear the study abroad program with the Office of Global Education by by notifying Dr. Fonjweng of your intentions to make sure there are no safety/security issues concerning your destination of interest. You may do some of the preliminary health, security and safety research about your destination before contacting the Office of Global education by seeking immunization and other health information by going to the US Center for Disease Control website or to the World Health Organization website.

You need to arrange, for a letter of reference supporting your abroad application to be sent to the Director of Global Education, Erica Acosta in 208 Max Roth. You then need to apply to the specific study abroad program, which may be through a study abroad organization, another university, or one of our affiliated/partner programs. Please note that the deadlines for application materials differ from one program to the other. Since most study abroad programs require a non-refundable application fee, you may wish to wait for approval to participate in study abroad before you pay the deposit.

After applying bring copies of your application to the Office of Global Education in 208 Max Roth. You may also apply for Study Abroad Scholarships, if applicable and if you are interested. The scholarship may be through a Wilkes department, or an external organization (see the scholarship section on this website). It is recommended that you complete your financial aid application as early in the process as possible. If you are applying to a non Wilkes program, you will need to complete the Consortium agreement and the transfer credit forms that are attached to this application link.
If at any point you feel confused by anything, contact Erica Acosta at erica.acosta@wilkes.edu.
To apply, you need to complete the following forms:

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