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Past Speakers

Richard Lugar
Edwin Newman
NBC News
Morris S. Dees, Jr.
Chief Trial Counsel,
Southern Poverty Law Center
Joseph J. Sisco
Former Undersecretary of State
in Political Affairs
Abner J. Mikva
Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law and Senior Fellow, IGPA University of Illinois
Richard Schifter
Former U.S. Ambassador
to United Nations

David Halberstam
Author, Journalist, Historian

Henry Steele Commager
Historian, Professor of Law,
Amherst College
Norman Mailer Novelist,
Biographer, Historian
Bettina Gregory
Senior Correspondent
Fareed Zakaria
Newsweek International
Malcolm Toon
Former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union
Robin Wright
Author and Chief diplomatic correspondent
for The Los Angeles Times
Nina Totenberg
Legal Affairs Correspondent
National Public Radio
Amy Chua
Yale Law School Professor
Ambler Moss
Dean, School of International Studies, University of Miami
Irshad Manji
Award-winning journalist
John Paul Stevens
Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
Bob Woodward
Assistant Managing Editor of
The Washington Post
T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.
Author, Educator, Renowned Pediatrician
Christopher Dillon Quinn
Award winning documentary film director
Leslie H. Gelb, Ph.D.
Author, Journalist,
New York Times Columnist
John Bul Dau
one of The Lost Boys of Sudan
featured in the film God Grew Tired of Us
Tom J. Farer, J.D.
Director, International Relations Program
American University
Richard Leakey
Conservationist, Activist
Doris Kearns Goodwin, Ph.D.
Author, Historian,
Political Analyst
Zanny Minton-Beddoes
Economics Editor
The Economist
Honorable A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr.
Chief Judge Emeritus,
United States Court of Appeals
Greg Mortenson
Best-selling author and humanitarian
Co-author Three Cups of Tea
Senator Paul Simon
Retired United States Senator
Michelle Rhee
Founder and CEO of StudentsFIrst
Honorable Cory Booker
Mayor - Newark, New Jersey
Noah Feldman
Bemis Professor - Harvard University


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