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Faculty Support

Help Desk 570-408-HELP (T) 866-264-1462 (T)

Contact the Help Desk when you have...
  • login issues, including inability to connect to WebCT, not finding your course listed in WebCT, or inability of one of your students to log into WebCT.
    Your WebCT ID is your Wilkes e-mail username and password.
  • technical issues such as problems viewing pages or accessing content within WebCT.
  • connectivity problems with the WebCT server. If you cannot get to the Wilkes WebCT site, first make sure your computer has an active Internet connection by trying to browse other Internet sites and send e-mail. If your Internet connection is active, the Help Desk should be able to provide an update on any WebCT server issues.

Contact the eLearning staff when you...
  • have enrollment issues such as students not enrolled in your course or students missing from your course. All courses are created and enrolled automatically in the WebCT system from Banner. Keep in mind that if a student registers late, or very close to the beginning of a course, it may take a day or two before he or she has access to the course.
  • would like to create a course space in WebCT by completing the Request for WebCT Course Space form. Since all current courses are created and enrolled automatically, you should only have to fill out this form for future courses you would like to develop or special courses that are not created and enrolled in the Banner system.
  • continued problems with WebCT, including problems with login, technology, or connectivity, if you have not met with a sufficient resolution via the Help Desk. Please note that the Help Desk will forward any issues that they cannot solve to the eLearning staff.

Creating an eLearning course...
Three types of eLearning courses available at Wilkes...
  • fully online...
    100% online, including exams and assignments
  • hybrid...
    face-to-face time reduced due to online presence
  • web-enhanced...
    normal face-to-face time; WebCT site enhances course experience

To create any of these courses, you will need course space within WebCT. To obtain space for the development of your course, please submit a Request for WebCT Course Space form. You will be contacted by the eLearning staff when your course is created. If you are teaching a current course, a course shell already exists in WebCT for your course.

If you are teaching
any current course, your students will be enrolled automatically from banner. If you are teaching a course that is not set up with the registrar, you must request your student enrollment by submitting the Request for Student Enrollment form.

Because of faculty response, the eLearning group is currently evaluating better ways to provide training via new workshops and online tutorials. Faculty response indicates that individual or small group training is the most desirable avenue at this time. To address this, eLearning is now available to train faculty on ANY part of WebCT or on ANY other instructional technology available to the campus. Just call one of the staff or put a request in through the Help Desk to set up a time for training. Faculty and staff can come alone or set up a training for a small group. We would be happy to discuss any ideas you have for new technologies or for the development of online, hybrid, or web-enhanced courses.
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