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Student Support

Help Desk 570-408-HELP (T) 866-264-1462 (T)

Contact the Help Desk when you have...
  • login issues, including inability to connect to WebCT and not finding your course listed in WebCT.
    Your WebCT ID is your Wilkes e-mail username and password.
  • technical issues such as problems viewing pages or accessing content within WebCT.
  • connectivity problems with the WebCT server. If you cannot get to the Wilkes WebCT site, first make sure your computer has an active Internet connection by trying to browse other Internet sites and send e-mail. If your Internet connection is active, the Help Desk should be able to provide an update on any WebCT server issues.

Contact the eLearning staff when you have...
  • problems contacting your course instructor.
    If you have repeatedly attempted to contact your course instructor via e-mail and phone with no response, and his or her department chairperson or dean does not have information about a reported absence, we can help you contact the instructor or put you in touch with someone who can resolve the issue.
  • questions about eLearning courses at Wilkes, such as course offerings or discussion about whether or not an eLearning course is right for you.
  • continued problems with WebCT, including problems with login, technology, or connectivity, if you have not met with a sufficient resolution via the Help Desk. Please note that the Help Desk will forward any issues that they cannot solve to the eLearning staff.

Recommended hardware/software...
Although many older computers will run WebCT without issue, Wilkes recommends a certain standard level of hardware to allow for the best eLearning experience, as outlined in the ITS Recommended Hardware Specifications for Students.


The most important software for an eLearning student is an up-to-date Web browser. All personal computers come with at least one Web browser, and many others are available for free download via the Internet.

Although WebCT supports a wide range of browsers, some are not supported and may not function correctly with WebCT sites. Please check to make sure your browser is capable of running WebCT.

Many eLearning courses will also require word-processing software, such as Microsoft Word. Students can purchase Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) at a significantly discounted price through the university.

Connection speed...
While most online courses will function with any Internet connection, having at least a 56k modem connection is recommended. For the best experience, a high-speed connection, such as cable modem or DSL, is preferred.

Campus Labs...
All students are welcome to use any of the open-access campus labs to work on their eLearning courses and assignments.
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