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Wilkes University - Spanish

Wilkes University - Dr. Bianco


Dr. Paola Bianco is an Professor of Foreign Languages at Wilkes and has taught language studies for over 20 years.

As our world quickly becomes one vast global village, command of a second language is vital to communication and greatly broadens career options.

Wilkes' Foreign Language program acknowledges the need for professional courses in non-literary translation and business and medical applications, but also embraces traditional coursework in literature and culture.


Wilkes University - Spain

Wilkes study abroad students receive the opportunity to learn about other cultures by learning in global environments (MORE)

Spanish majors are encouraged to take advantage of Study Abroad programs to help hone communication skills. You can earn from three to 15 credits in summer, semester, and academic-year programs.

Internships expose students to
the use of foreign languages in legal, social service, and education arenas. They can be particularly productive when combined with a second major.

Through an internship, either in the United States or abroad, you will gain valuable working experience and enhance your resumé before stepping into the job market.

Recent graduates have applied their skills as: teachers, social workers, and military personnel. Students double majoring in Spanish can work in International organizations, Public Administration, Medical and Health Fields.


In 2013, Paola Bianco Sobejano, Ph.D., professor of foreign languages at Wilkes University, has published Conversando con literatura. Intended for advanced university Spanish language students, Conversando con literatura includes poetry, short stories and songs from a vast selection of Hispanic writers. The book is published by Panda Publications, a Wilkes-Barre, Pa.,-based publishing company founded and run by university professors. More>>

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