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Read This Book

Dr. Dana Burnside, Director • (T) 570-408-4917 • Email

Read This Book!
is a Teaching Commons activity that will occur each semester. The Teaching Commons will select and feature a book and ask faculty members to join in reading and discussing the selected text to enable an exchange of ideas. A threaded discussion will be located in the Faculty Exchange.

 In addition, we can have one or two live book discussions in the Teaching Commons reading room during the semester.  Faculty members who engage in this activity will find that it is an opportunity to interact, share experiences and expertise, and spread ideas.  Reading and reflecting in a collaborative environment can be a powerful learning experience.

Read This Book!  Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School 

The first book in the Read This Book! Series is John Medina’s Brain Rules. John Medina is a molecular biologist. He is an affiliate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Director of the Brain Center for Applied Learning Research at Seattle Pacific University. In this book, Medina introduces us to 12 things we know about how brains work and then offers ideas about how the “brain rules” can be applied in our lives, especially in the contexts of work and school. 

 When I read this book, I was immediately inspired to make some changes in the way I presented information and even how I structured my classroom time. I believe you will find at least one brain rule (likely more than one) that will inform your teaching and inspire you to think about ways you can help your students to learn. 
Let’s get started!
Use this link to watch the introductory film. The full film is 45 minutes long, but there is also a 25-minute version available. 

Brain Rules
is in the Teaching Commons Reading Room. You may come over to read the book anytime, but please leave it in the commons so all faculty have access.
I would like to discuss one Brain Rule per week over the next twelve weeks. I hope you’ll join the discussion!
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