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Faculty Exchange

Dr. Dana Burnside, Director • (T) 570-408-4917 • Email

Faculty exchange is a threaded discussion that will change each month.  The Teaching Commons wishes to facilitate an exchange of ideas between faculty members about important teaching and learnng topics because so often it is difficult to gather at one time in one place.  Please be respectful to one another at all times.  We do not have to agree, and it almost certain that not everyone will, but we must always remember to keep an open mind to viewpoints that are different from our own.

Please join the conversation.

Discussion Topic:

What is blended learning and how do you think it could benefit our students?

Blended learning is a term that people are applying to all types of "blended" courses.  Sometimes the blend is about time, synchronous and asynchronus, and other times the blend is about location, classroom and elsewhere.  What types of blends have you tried?  What types of blends might work well for Wilkes University students and faculty members? 

Dicuss the topic above in our Faculty Exchange Forum



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