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SNOW | Wilkes Technology Help & Support

Wilkes University uses Service-Now (SNOW) to handle Information Technology requests and incidents. NOTE: Do not use Self-Service to submit critical or high priority problems or requests. Call the help desk for high priority issues (408-HELP).

Email Address:
(This will be your full Wilkes email: first.last@wilkes.edu)
(This will be your Wilkes email password)

Service-Now Quick Guide:







  • How do I login to Service-Now?
    • Username: The username will be your full Wilkes email address (first.last@wilkes.edu).
    • Password: The password will be your email address password.
  • Submitting problems or requests.
    • IMPORTANT: Do not use self-service to submit critical or high priority problems or requests. Call the help desk (408-HELP) for high priority issues.
    • To submit a problem or request using self-service:
      • Select Submit New Ticket.
        Submit New Ticket
      • On the next screen, Ticket form will appear. Fill out the required fields on the form that displays and verify your information is correct. NOTE: Required fields have a red bar to their left. IMPORTANT: Update contact info if needed (Best contact number, Campus, Building, Room)
        Ticket Form
      • Click Submit Button
        Note: Once submitted and viewed by an ITIL user the Ticket will be triaged to an incident or request
  • Accessing and viewing existing problems or requests
    • There are several ways to access problems or requests that you already submitted (either view Self-Service or through the Help/Service desk).
      • Lists all of your open incidents (problems) and requests display on your homepage. Click on an incident number or request number to view the item.
        My Active Tickets
      • Gauges all of your incidents and requests by state display on your homepage. Click on a piece to drill down and get more information.
        Tickets by State
      • Two lists are available through your navigation menu (left side of your screen): View Active Tickets (tickets awaiting triage) and All My Tickets (open or closed incidents, request, and Tickets). Click on a list to display it and then click on an incident, request, or ticket to view it.
        Self Service Left Panel
  • Communicating with the analyst working on your problem or request
    • Rather than calling the service/help desk to provide updated information on an existing problem or request, you can communicate directly with the analyst assigned to your issue.
      • Access the problem (incident) or request (see above).
      • Enter any new information in the Comment section.
        Comment Box
      • Click Update Icon
    • The information you entered will be emailed directly to the analyst working your issue. NOTE: Next time you access the incident or request, the comment section will be empty. The information will appear in the activity log instead.
  • Announcements
    • Your Service-Now homepage provides a scrolling news section where you will find announcements regarding known issues and planned outages. Before submitting a problem or request, please check this news section.
      News Box
  • Viewing Knowledge Articles
    • You may be able to resolve your problem without having to submit an incident. Self-Service provides a knowledge base of articles.
    • The homepage provides a list of the most viewed knowledge base articles. Click on an article title to view the article in its entirety. Top Articles
    • Click on View Knowledge Base in your navigation menu to display the knowledge base. View Knowledge Base
    • View the articles by topic or use the search field to search for a specific article. Click on an article title to view the article in its entirety.
      Knowledge Base Listing








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