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CV-Curriculum Vitae

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 Students who are applying to graduate/professional schools or to academically focused programs such as research fellowships, should submit a CV, a curriculum vitae--an academic “course of life,” which focuses on educational and intellectual achievements.

Visit us for feedback on your CV draft and be sure to obtain critiques from faculty who have discipline specific expertise and insights. A typical CV will include the following information and will likely be lengthier than a one page resume:

  • Name and contact information: Contact information including your home and school addresses, cell number, and email
  • Objective & Areas of Interest: Incorporate a short objective into this area, such as “Admission to Good University’s PhD program, to further career contributions to the clinical psychology profession, while gaining opportunities to contribute to research in mental illness and cognition.” List additional, specific interest areas and be sure that your interests match and complement the research and mission of the programs to which you are applying. Focus all writing on what you can offer to the organization and to the academic discipline.
  • Education: your degree earned or in progress, institution, and year of graduation. List Advanced Courses & Skills (ex. laboratory skills and equipment, statistical software, etc.) which the program will find relevant to their needs.
  • Research: Include the titles of your research, names of mentors, and a short description of your work and your results.
  • Grants, Honors and Awards: a list of grants received, honors and awards you may have received for scholarship, teaching or service.
  • Publications and Presentations: a list of published articles which you authored or co-authored, as well presentations/poster sessions given at conferences.
  • Employment and Experience: This section may include teaching experiences, laboratory experiences, intern & field experiences, volunteer work, leadership in clubs, or other relevant experiences.
  • Scholarly or Professional Memberships: a listing of the professional organizations of which you are a member. Note if you have held an office or committee member role.
  • References: Prior to sending out your CV, create a list of at least 3 persons who have agreed to write letters of recommendation for you;  include their names, titles and contact information.
A sample CV is in Career Services Resumé Guide  



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