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Requirements for The Art and Science of Teaching

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The Master of Science in Education: Major in The Art and Science of Teaching program is a 30-credit, online, competency-based and performance-based graduate program that redefines the meaning of effective instruction for teachers through the lens of impacting student achievement. The degree, offered through Wilkes University, equips teachers with the strategies and tools that can be immediately applied into the classroom as you progress through each course. 

Teachers interested in enrolling in this program must apply for admission to Wilkes University prior to or at the same time as registering for their first class with National Institute for Professional Practice.

Master of Science degree-seeking students must complete the normal admission process to the Wilkes Graduate Program in Education.

Track program requirements

Download a pdf-formatted checklist of requirements for the Art and Science of Teaching. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free from the company’s Web site.

Required Courses

EDAM 5040: Foundations of the Art and Science of Teaching

EDAM 5041: Establishing Learning Goals to Support Learning and Instructional Design

EDAM 5042: Monitoring and Measuring Student Progress                               

EDAM 5043: Actively Processing New Content                                  

EDAM 5044: Extending Student Learning        

EDAM 5045: Designing Instruction for Student Engagement     

EDAM 5046: Creating an Effective Classroom Environment

EDAM 5047: Developing Relationships and High Expectations for Student Learning     

EDAM 5048: Applying the Art and Science of Teaching


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