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Hallmarks of the Pharm.D. Education

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Hallmarks of the Pharm.D. education at Wilkes are:
Teaching Priority: This is primarily a teaching institution; the student is our reason for being here.

Communications Emphasis: All pharmacy students enter a formal four-year program in communication skills. Our graduates will have a solid scientific knowledge base. In order to be effective, though, they must be able to articulate their knowledge with health professionals, administrators and patients.

Teambuilding Emphasis: The ability to work effectively as part of a health care team is considered critical. All pharmacy students enter a formal four year program in teambuilding and team leadership.

Small Size: We are a small school and intend to remain small. Meaningful faculty-student interaction is valued. The size of each entering pharmacy class is limited to 70 students.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Pharmacy does not have all of the answers to health care or even pharmacy care problems. The broader perspectives of other academic disciplines (e.g., business, communications, nursing, biology, chemistry) are actively sought in curricular design and teaching.

Technology & Future Orientation: Our facilities, curriculum and faculty are focused upon training practitioners for the 21st century. Emphasis is placed upon new technologies, as this is a major foundation for future pharmacy practice.

Research & Practice: Research and practice are valued primarily as they support our commitment to educational excellence and faculty development and are valued as they affect patient care and/or lead to the advancement of science.
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