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Study Abroad

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Dear Student,

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected there is the need for college graduates to learn how to effectively fit into this new world. Employers in the 21st Century are increasingly seeking candidates with many of the skills gained through study abroad, such as the ability to effectively work and communicate with people from different world cultures. It is for this reason that Wilkes places a high premium on Global Education, at the core of which is study abroad.

Godlove T. Fonjweng, Ph.D.
Director of Global Education

Top 7 reasons to study abroad

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Study abroad is great because it will:

  • Broaden your world view by enhancing your knowledge of other places
  • Provide you with a different perspective on your academic studies
  • Earn you graduation credit and paid through financial aid
  • Improve your sensitivity to and understanding of other cultures
  • Help you develop friendships with college students from other parts of the world
  • Distinguish you from other job seekers who have not had the same experiences
  • Give you an experience of a lifetime.

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