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Brian Redmond


Brian Redmond

Professor of Geology and Chemistry
Ph. D. 1982 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Research, Public Service, and Consulting Activities
Radon Measurement and Mitigation, Radiation Monitoring:
I was instrumental in establishing charcoal canister testing lab and radon chamber for calibration of testing instruments and evaluation of mitigation techniques; In cooperation with the NorthEastern Pennsylvania Environmental Council, initiated a study of the indoor radon levels of houses in northeastern Pennsylvania and attempted to correlate the radon levels with geology; helped establish certification guidelines for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; undertook a study of entry routes of radon in structures using continuous working level monitors in an attempt to lower indoor radon levels; served as vice-chairman on Governor's Advisory Committee on Radon; played a key role in establishing the Wilkes Radon Chamber.
I established a continuous gamma radiation monitoring program at Wilkes with a grant from the Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.; conducted monitoring of the Susquehanna River and Hanover Sewage Treatment Plant for the presence of radio-iodine under a research contract with Pennsylvania Power & Light by analyzing sewage samples for radioiodine and collecting diatoms from the Susquehanna River for radioiodine analysis. The Hanover Sewage Treatment Plant was shown to be a major source of radioiodine to the river although radioiodine levels were never high enough to be a danger to the public. Local hospitals were shown to be the ultimate source of the radioiodine; assessed safety of a damaged cobalt-60 concrete testing device and of a radium-226 source.

Solid Waste Management:
I helped initiate recycling program in Wilkes-Barre, directed Ben Franklin Partnership program with the Catrel Corporation of PA to test the characteristics of municipal waste processed with the patented Catrel of Switzerland technique, and aided in the permit application for the construction of a processing plant in Luzerne County on an innovative method of processing municipal waste.
Geology & Hydrogeology:

Mine lands Reclamation:
I was principal investigator for the Earth Conservancy in a $1 million three-year reclamation project involving 17,000 acres of strip-mine land (anthracite); led a team which tested composted sewage sludge and co-gen flyash as a substitute topsoil to be used to develop a self-sustaining vegetative cover on the reclaimed land. The project also developed an evaluation process for assessing the suitability of many waste materials as components in a substitute topsoil mix. The successful mixes produce a benign leachate and contain a proper nutrient balance and physical characteristics to support a healthy long-term vegetative cover.

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