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REMINDER - Health and Wellness Fair 2013


Health Services, Human Resources and BACCHUS are sponsoring the annual health and wellness fair.  The fair will be held on Tuesday, March 19th from 11 A.M. - 1 P.M. in the Henry Student Center ballroom.   This year’s screenings, services and presenters include:  chiropractic evaluations, diabetes education, sex education, fitness education, massages, alcohol screening, contraception, smoking cessation, bone density screening, blood pressure, blood glucose, and access to a Nutritionist and representatives from our medical and vision insurances…and much more!!!


Health Services in conjunction with Commonwealth Health Laboratories will perform a free complete coronary lipid profile screening.  This profile will include triglyceride, cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol) and the ratio between the two.


Anyone interested in the screening must fast for 12 hours prior to the blood sample drawing; there will be no exceptions, except for daily medications with a small sip of water.



Stroke Prevention and Thyroid Screening

Did you know?

·         500,000 Americans have a stroke each year.

·         Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

·         230,000 Americans are left disabled from a stroke each year.

·         Stroke is the number one cause of disability in the United States.


Stroke is one of the most terrifying of diseases that can strike anyone.  One physician has said, "I would rather have 6 heart attacks than one stroke."  There are a number of symptoms that point to the possibility of your having a stroke.  Unfortunately, the stroke may be the first symptom.  Stroke prevention screening has been designed to help people learn what is going on inside the carotid arteries (where 80% of all strokes occur).  A buildup of cholesterol is what causes the plaque formation that will eventually cause a stroke. 


This screening is done by a trained health professional.  An ULTRASOUND WAND will be scanned over your carotid arteries (in your neck).  The screen DOES NOT use any needles or dyes.  It is completely PAINLESS!!


The risk factors that may lead to a stroke are:

            ·         Previous Strokes                             

·         TIA (Mini-Strokes)

·         Diabetes                                             

·         High Blood Pressure

·         Cigarette Smoking                          

·         High Cholesterol

·         Obesity

·         Physical Inactivity

·         Family History


The thyroid screening will consist of looking at the thyroid gland using ultrasound.  This screening cannot determine how well the thyroid is working; however, the size or texture of the thyroid can be an indication of problems.  The only way to know how the thyroid is working is to have blood work.  We can tell if there are any nodules or cysts present.  A nodule is a potential cancer and if present, should be checked by a physician.  Only 4%-5% of nodules are cancerous, but the earlier that it is detected, the more successful the treatment.


The total cost for the screenings are $30.00.  The Human Resources Department is donating $10.00 to offset the cost.  The balance of $20.00 can be paid via cash, check, credit card or flexible spending account.   The carotid and thyroid screenings are by appointment only; please call Health Services ext. 408-4730.

New this year!! Our Credit Union, the W-BEE Federal Credit Union, will be on site. The credit union proudly serves employees of Wilkes University, their families, and some other local area educational institutions and businesses.

They will have forms to open accounts on hand for your convenience and have prizes to give away so make sure you stop by their table.



Students, Staff, and Faculty Welcome!!!

Contact Health Services at x4730 for more information.

Published On: 3/19/2013
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