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Wilkes University - More opportunities than you ever knew existed.

At just over 2,200 underclassmen, we have fewer students than many high schools. For you, that spells opportunity. You'll enjoy access to your professors that you won't find elsewhere. Those professors will know you by name -- maybe even by your nickname. As they start to learn your strengths and tune in to your interests and abilities, you’ll find they are engaging, supportive and tenacious. And they strive to help you reach your goals.

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You will learn a ton in their classrooms. But a crucial part of Wilkes’ commitment to personal engagement is hands-on learning. Here you get out of the lecture hall to work in your chosen field, whether it’s introducing high school students to Shakespeare, launching a business or designing a robot to perform surgery. That experience will not only give you confidence that you’ve selected the right path; it also will make you more competitive in the job market or in applying to graduate or professional schools.

Check out the major of your choice to learn more about how our programs will prepare you for your future. Schedule a visit to see our campus and meet your professors. Or apply now and we’ll waive the application fee.

Accelerated BBA major  
Accounting major minor
Air & Space Studies
(Air Force ROTC)
Art   minor
Biochemistry major  
Biology major minor
Business Administration major minor
Chemistry major minor
Communication Studies major minor
Computer Information Systems major minor
Computer Science major minor
Creative Writing   minor
Criminology major minor
Dance   minor
Earth & Environmental Sciences major minor
Economics   minor
Education major  minor
Engineering, Applied major  
Engineering, Computer   minor
Engineering, Electrical major  
Engineering, Environmental major  
Engineering Management major  
Engineering, Mechanical major  
English major minor
Entrepreneurship major minor
Finance major minor
Geology   minor
Health Sciences major  
History major minor
Individualized Studies major  
Integrative Media major minor
International Studies major  
Leadership   minor
Management major minor
Marketing major minor
Mathematics major minor
Medical Laboratory Science major  
Music   minor
Musical Theatre major  
Neuroscience   minor
Nursing major  
Pharmacy (Guaranteed Seat) major  
Philosophy major minor
Physics major  
Policy Studies   minor
Political Science major minor
Psychology major minor
Sociology major minor
Spanish major minor
Statistics   minor
Sports & Event Management major  
Theatre Arts major minor
Undeclared major  
Women's and Gender Studies   minor
Workplace Writing   minor
Pre-Professional Programs    
Pre-dentistry info.  
Pre-law info.  
(allopathic &
Pre-occupational therapy info.  
Pre-optometry info.  
Pre-osteopathic medicine info.  
Pre-physical therapy info.  
Pre-physician assistant info.  
Pre-podiatry info.  
Pre-veterinary info.  
ROTC (Army/Air Force) info.  
Study Abroad info.  
Bioengineering MS  
Creative Writing
Doctor of Education
Doctor of Nursing Practice DNP  
Doctor of Pharmacy
Education, Graduate
Education, Secondary
Electrical Engineering

Engineering Management


Mechanical Engineering MS  
Nursing MS  


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