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Mentor Stories

Allison Kelleher and Dr. Jennifer Malinowski

Allison Kelleher

“She helped me create the vision for my future.”

Allison Kelleher, a Wilkes University pharmacy graduate student, claims Associate Professor Jennifer Malinowski (“Dr. M”) was her champion as she researched federal government medication safety initiatives.

“Dr. M. taught me how to write scientifically. Although I was a good creative writer, I needed to learn how to get to the point quickly. Dr. M also helped me set goals and keep me on track.”

“She is persistent, assertive, hard-working and motivated,” says Malinowski, all of which are Colonel qualities.

Malinowski, who oversees an outpatient practice at the Wright Center for Primary Care in Jermyn, Penn., remembers their first meeting. “Allie was a student mentor interested in research opportunities and I was looking to help spread the word about a project.”

What impresses Malinowski most is Allie’s independence and attention to detail. “She complemented my research project by making up for things that were missing.”

Allie was a recent award winner at the annual Wilkes pharmacy research day event. She and her mentor presented research at several national conventions, including the annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in July 2013 and the American Pharmacists Association meeting in March 2014.

Last year, Allie spent a month in England observing the patient-centered approach that is of paramount importance in the world of socialized medicine. “She has presented at several pharmacy conferences, demonstrating the importance of patient-centered care supported by pharmacists integrated within inter-professional care teams,” says Malinowski.

Allie credits her mentor with helping set both short and long-term goals along with helping her to write scientifically. “Abstracts are more difficult to write,” Allie says. “Dr. M. helped me select the most suitable avenue to publish.”

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