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Mentor Stories

He took the initiative
to find out my future plans.
Mike Steele (left)
“A trademark of the sciences at Wilkes is an emphasis on research outside the classroom. Its importance can’t be underestimated. We talked about her career objectives, designing, and implementing experiments. She become the coordinator for 10 other undergraduates. My mentoring role with Mylinh translates to her mentoring role with others.”

Mylinh (right)
“He became an active part of my life when he took the initiative to find out what my future plans were. At the time, my academic record was mediocre, so the dream of becoming a doctor was slipping away. Dr. Steele was the first person to really assure me that it wasn’t impossible. Within one meeting, I left his office with a new research position, a shadowing opportunity, and a new-found hope for a medical career. After a year at Wilkes, I lead two research projects, excelled in school, and planned to apply to medical school.”
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