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Mentor Stories

A Mentoring Community
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She helped me create the vision for my future.
Read more about Dr. Jennifer Malinowski and Allison Kelleher.
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If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have a 4.0.
Read more about Dr. Carl Charnetski and Megan Neri.
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We learn through experience - we are always learning.
Read more about Dr. Linda S. Gutierrez and Anup Patel.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
The sky is the limit here.
Read more about Dr. John B. Gilmer and Daniel Lykens.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
She's my lifeline.
Read more about Dr. Jane Elmes Crahall and Brittany Battista.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
To hear that from someone like Dr. Alves meant a lot.
Read more about Dr. Jeff Alves and C.J. Copley.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
She's like a second mother to me.
Read more about Dr. Mary Beth Mullen and Mohammed Jalloh.
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I know this type of leadership building is going to help my career.
Read more about Dr. John Gilmer and Anthony Mirabile.
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They were able to bring real-world knowledge, examples and situations.
Read more about David Carey and John.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
He has shown me great ethics and discipline.
Read more about Frank Sheptock and Kyle.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
He took the initiative to find out my future plans.
Read more about Mike Steele and Mylinh.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
She's kind, caring, and always available to talk.
Read more about Rita Ives and Kelly.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
He has always been willing to give his time to help me out.
Read more about Jeff Alves and Danielle.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
He pushed me athletically and academically.
Read more about Jon Laudenslager and Jeremy.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
He was always interested
in my life and how I was doing in class.
Read more about Tom Thomas and Amanda.
Mentor Story Thumbnail
He makes class enjoyable
and finds a way to be a friend as well as a professor.
Read more about Matt Sowcik and Andrea.
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He helped me adjust to school.
Read more about Mark Allen and Candice Davis.
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