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Application FAQs

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The questions below link to answers lower on this page.

What is the application fee?
Wilkes University School of Pharmacy requires NO application fee.
Must I apply to Wilkes University in addition to the School of Pharmacy?
No. Students who are accepted into the School of Pharmacy are automatically accepted into the University.
May I apply as a part-time student?
At present the curriculum is designed only for full-time students.
May I transfer into the program from another school of pharmacy?
Students wishing to transfer from another school of pharmacy must present an official transcript showing that the Wilkes University School of Pharmacy pre-requisites have been completed. As class size is limited, transfer is also dependent upon space being available.
What if I’ve graduated from a foreign school of pharmacy?
Graduates of foreign schools of pharmacy who wish to pursue a Pharm.D. at Wilkes must make formal application and provide evidence that they meet all of the pre-professional course requirements by having their foreign transcripts evaluated by World Education Services. Scores of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) also must be provided.
Must I complete all courses before I apply?
All courses must be completed by the end of Spring 2007 semester with a grade of 2.0 or better.
What is the PCAT?
The Pharmacy College Admission Test is an exam required by many schools of pharmacy and which tests your basic science knowledge, math skills, and verbal knowledge. The test is offered 3 times per year at various sites around the country. In order for your application materials to be complete before the Admissions Committee selects students to interview you should take the PCAT no later than October. For more information (dates, deadlines for registration, sites, etc), please access their website at www.PCATweb.info
Will my PCAT scores be used if I reapply next year?
Your scores will be used, but you may retake the test and have new scores submitted.
If I take the PCAT more than once, will you average the scores or take the higher?
The higher scores will be taken.
If I don’t earn a 2.0 in a pre-requisite and re-take it, do you take the higher score or an average of the two?
We will accept the higher score for calculating the pre-requisite GPA.
How many students were admitted this year?
The entering class size each year is 65.
Will I have a chance to be admitted if I am not a Wilkes student?
The majority of the 65 seats in the professional pharmacy program are taken by Wilkes pre-pharmacy students who meet the criteria to claim their guaranteed seat. Remaining seats are competed for by Wilkes students and transfer students.
May I submit more than three letters of recommendation?
Please submit no more than three letters.
Must one of my recommendations be from a pharmacist?
Yes. The Admissions Committee feels that any serious candidate will have some personal knowledge of pharmacy practice and, therefore, be acquainted with a pharmacist who can give a recommendation. If an applicant does not know a pharmacist who can do so, he/she is required to spend time “shadowing” a practitioner.
How do you evaluate my pre-professional transfer credit from another school?
The University Admissions Office, assisted by academic departments, does the review of your transcripts for their equivalence to Wilkes University courses. If you have any questions contact: Pharmacy Transfer Coordinator, 84 West South Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, 18766; telephone: 570-408-4298.
What does the Admissions Committee look for in an applicant?
Admission procedures emphasize academic ability, leadership, work experience and breadth of life experiences. The Committee evaluates applicants’ potential to succeed in and profit from the pharmacy program and to develop as a leader. In addition, the Committee seeks to create a body of students who will bring unique contributions from their diverse backgrounds and who will actively participate in the School of Pharmacy program and life.
What is the cost for tuition and fees?
Please consult our tuition and costs page. Specific questions may be directed to the Student Service Center at 570-408-2000.
Are there scholarships available?
Pharmacy students should be particularly aware of the following situations and contact the Financial Aid Office for more specific information.
  • A pharmacy student who has not already completed a baccalaureate degree is considered an undergraduate student for the first two years (P-1 and P-2) of the professional program, and a graduate student for the professional program.
  • Entering freshmen are eligible to receive full financial aid package during their pre-pharmacy years and through the second year of the professional program.
  • Students transferring into the professional program with a previous academic degree (seeking a second degree) are only eligible for the federally funded Stafford Loan or the PLUS Loan.
  • The third and fourth year of the professional program (fifth or sixth cumulative year) is considered professional/graduate level for financial aid purposes. These students are only eligible for subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford Loans. Those students will not qualify for any federal, state or institutional grants or scholarships. However, these students may qualify for scholarships granted by individuals or corporations for students enrolled in the School of Pharmacy.

When will I receive my decision letter?
The Admissions Committee of the School of Pharmacy will notify you approximately 2 weeks after your interview. The process is usually completed by mid-May. However, for various reasons some seats become available after this time and offers may be made at a later date.
How do I renew a previously submitted application?
Application files are maintained for two years. Applicants reapplying within two years of a prior application do not need to resubmit an entire application but must submit updated transcripts and a request in writing to have their application re-activated.
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