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Accounting / General Ledger

Controller • 570-408-4501 (T) • 570-408-7849 (F) • Email
Student Accounts/Services • 141 S. Main St. • 570-408-2000 (T) • 570-408-3000 (F) • Email

  •     Questions on Actual Organization or Account Activity
         (570) 408-3070
         (570) 408-4657

  •     Reclassification of Actual Activity
              Budget Activity (email
              Acutal Activity (email)

  •    Cash Receipt Transmittal (Report Cash Receipts)
    Please follow these instructions in order to help you complete the form. When you are
    done with the form, please deliver it with the receipts to Wilkes  Student Services Office
    or Controller's Office, in the University Center on Main (UCoM).
    Please include the following information:
    1. Date money taken to UCOM (Month, Day, Year)
    2. Department
    3. Contact Person--this should be printed legibly by the person completing the form
    4. Phone Extension--the University telephone extension of the person completing
            the form
    5. Total of:
        a. Cash
        b. Checks (include a tape if you have a group of checks)
        c. Credit Card Transaction Slips (include a tape if you have a group of slips)
    6. Nature of Deposit - if the cash receipt is a gift indicate by checking this line
           (see instructions for Gifts above)
        7. Reason for deposit. If the deposit is a reimbursement of a previous expense,
           that original expense should be identified.
    8. Each Account number should include Fund, Org, Account and Program.
          Use account numbers from new chart list that is effective June 1, 2006.
    9. Amount of cash receipts, on line with each budget number
    10. Total Amount Received - should agree to the total of all cash included

  •      Receive / Record a Contribution  (570) 408-4310
         Contact the Advancement Office
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