Wilkes University


Campus Counseling After-Hours Support Line

  Health and Wellness Services Campus Counseling Adds After-hours Support Line 

Campus Counselors, Melissa Gaudio and Susan Biskup are pleased to announce the addition of an after- hours counseling support line for Wilkes University students.  The purpose of this support line (570) 408-CHAT is to provide a resource for students needing support when Health and Wellness Services is not open. This line is staffed with Masters  level and Doctoral level counselors who are trained specifically in college student mental health. Support is available to students who may be experiencing any mental health issue as well as students who may be experiencing an emergency situation. During regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm), students will continue to schedule an appointment for counseling by calling (570) 408-4730 or by stopping by Passan Hall (first floor) to schedule an appointment in person. Our hope is that this service will be complementary to counseling services presently available to students.  We want to provide comfort and care for students by letting them know that despite their circumstances, support is always available.