Wilkes University


Intercollegiate Leadership Wilkes-Barre Program Seeking Participants!

ICLWB is a leadership program offer through the Leadership Wilkes-Barre organization, consisting of 5 sessions hosted by all the participating schools:
King's College, Misericordia University, Luzerne County Community College, Penn State Wilkes-Barre, and of course, Wilkes University!
Some of the program objectives include: enhancing your leadership skills and recognize your leadership potential, interacting with your peers from other area institutions, meeting with and hearing from community leaders and discussing issues important for future leaders. 
This unique opportunity is open and available to all undergraduate students.  There is no cost associated with this program and all transportation and meals are provided.  The sessions are off campus, hosted by the participating schools.  You will notice that they overlap with class times.  An official excuse from class will be provided by the Office of Student Affairs, but you should also discuss with your professors if the program is something that can work with your schedule.  You must attend 4 sessions to complete the program.
Please contact Melissa Howells (570-408-4645 or melissa.howells@wilkes.edu) ASAP to learn more and if you are interested in participating in the program!