Wilkes University


Haunted Tours


On Friday, October 28th, a tour of numerous haunted halls on campus will be taking place! At 6:45 PM, right after Cake Challenge, sponsored by IRHC, the tours will depart from the Henry Student Center Lounge. The tours will encompass many of the halls your normally pass by on campus, ones which have dark, terrifying pasts that have created the ghost stories of today. There will be scares, cake (beforehand) and much more. So, if you feel brave enough, come along and learn about the side of Wilkes University that makes chills run down your spines! Perhaps that sound at night isn't just the house settling or the leaves rustling. There is only one way to find out...Haunted Tours on October 28th at 6:45 PM! Please contact your RA if you have any questions!