Wilkes University


Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts

During club hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the month of October, the Wilkes University Gold Bar Club, a campus club composed of students looking to further their leadership abilities and/or become officers in the United States Air Force, will be selling Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts in the Henry Student Center at a price of $15.
These shirts have been designed to honor one of Wilkes University's alumni, Major Candice Adams Ismirle, who recently lost her life to breast cancer. Throughout her entire battle with the disease, she refused to let the cancer define her and chose to "celebrate life rather than simply survive it." She set an outstanding example for all future Wilkes University leaders and we would like to start a new tradition that not only reminds us of the legacy that she leaves behind but also gives back to her family. Therefore, a portion of the funds raised from your purchase of these shirts will go to the Twins 529 College Fund, which is a college fund dedicated to her twin boys. 
Below is a proof of the shirt and a video titled "Pink Kisses" which was created about Major Candice Adams Ismirle. Please help us in supporting her family and continuing her legacy!"
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=uD70PG9OgpY