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ESAC Vinyl Sticker Fundraiser

ESAC stands for the Engineering Student Activities Committee which consists of all disciplines ranging from Electrical, Mechanical, and Environmental and includes members  from seniors to freshmen. The committee's duties are to put on functions and programs to encourage faculty and student interactions outside of the classroom. We are putting on a fundraiser to help with some of the costs of our yearly Holiday Party, which all three departments (students and faculty) are invited to attend. We will be selling vinyl stickers in the Henry Student Center during club hours (11am - 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays). If you cannot make it during those hours attached is a google form, just fill that out. If the sticker must be ordered, you will receive an email when it is in and with instruction on how to pick it up. The stickers are $4 each, unless you would like to customize it to have  your department on it then it will cost an additional $1 bringing the total cost of the sticker to $5. There are three different styles available: Wilkes University, Flying W, and Customized with your Department. You can also get it in three different colors: Blue, Gold, or White. Feel Free to take a look at our flyer or at the form. If you have any question at all please contact rebecca.kilkenny@wilkes.edu


ESAC Vinyl Sticker