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THIS ACADEMIC YEAR ONLY - NEW 18-month Accelerated AFROTC Program for College Seniors & Graduate/Masters Degree Students

Due to the shortage of USAF officers over the next 2 years, the AFROTC program is offering an 18-month accelerated program for College Seniors & Graduate/Masters Degree Students.  This program will allow students to complete the AFROTC program in 18 months instead of the typical 4 years.  Students will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant at completion of the compressed AFROTC program with a guaranteed full-time job as a leader in the Air Force.

The accelerated program is an unprecedented opportunity that is being offered for the 2016 - 2017 Academic Year ONLY.  Students must sign up for AFROTC courses no later than the Spring 2017 semester to be eligible to participate in the program.  All students meeting program requirements will receive a tax-free stipend of $450 per month for the first semester, then $500  per month for subsequent semesters.

The Wilkes AFROTC department will host an information session on the accelerated program at Wilkes University on Nov 17th, from 4:00 – 6:00PM in UCOM building, room 126. 

Please contact Wilkes University AFROTC Department at 570-408-4860 or rotcdl@wilkes.edu for more details or visit www.wilkes.edu/rotc
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