Wilkes University


Wilkes Family Members Presenting Diplomas

Wilkes University Sixty-ninth Annual Spring Commencement

To:                   Members of the Faculty, Staff, and Administration

From:               Paul S. Adams                     
                        Vice President, Student Affairs 

Date:               April 29, 2016

Re:                   Commencement 

            It has become tradition at the University for the President to invite members of the staff, faculty, and administration to present the diploma to a family member during the commencement ceremony.  Any family member of a May 2016 graduate is invited to present the diploma to their graduate.

            If you are anticipating the graduation of a family member at the May 21 Commencement and wish to participate by presenting the diploma, please notify me by May 9.  Please include your graduate's name and degree to your reply.  Please email Judi Wienckoski at judith.wienckoski@wilkes.edu.   I will forward the appropriate instructions prior to commencement day.

                                                                Thank you.