Wilkes University


D2L/LIVE Upgrade/Outage

Wilkes University’s learning management system, D2L (LIVE), is scheduled for an upgrade on May 17, 2016. During this upgrade, D2L (LIVE) will be inaccessible to all users from roughly 8 AM to 4 PM.

What this upgrade means to faculty using LIVE:

  • Less downtime and interruption to your courses,

  • No impact on past courses, very minimal impact to existing ones,

  • Seamless delivery of new features and functionality,

  • More frequent fixes of known issues.

You can find details about the enhancements and new features, including tutorials, screenshots, and other helpful information, on the web page eLearning has set up specifically for this upgrade, https://goo.gl/jhDzbH . Information will also be shared on the eLearning FaceBook page, so please “like” Wilkes University eLearning on FaceBook to stay up to date with all the announcements.

While we recognize this will be an inconvenience to some faculty who have courses running or may be preparing their summer course, the outage period is only for eight hours and things should then be back to normal. If you are teaching a course during this time we strongly recommend you remind students about this brief outage and to plan accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

This is a pivotal upgrade for Wilkes as it will bring us many simplifications in program/course management and add new features that will enhance the learning experience. It will also be the last major planned system outage we experience because upgrades will now be rolled out continuously on a monthly basis with no downtime, ensuring Wilkes is always on the latest version of the platform. Only short periods of downtime for regular monthly server maintenance during off hours will continue.

Please contact eLearning  if you have any other questions. Thank you for your understanding and support as we work to improve the teaching and learning experience for all of our students and faculty.

Thank you,

The eLearning staff