Wilkes University


April 5th -- Free Pizza!! (also, A Job Opportunity with the Federal Police of the Supreme Court)

Please join us on April 5th at 12 Noon in Breiseth 316 for a presentation and invitation to join the Federal Police working at the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. Officer Amy Smith and one of her colleagues will be here looking to hire a new Federal Police Officer (and they plan on hiring within 6 months). They will have applications in hand for those of you still looking for your post-graduate opportunity. Washington DC is a great city to live in, and this may serve as an alternate entry point into the federal criminal justice field (such as the FBI) which requires some number of years of professional experience.

The meeting will last about an hour and we'll have pizza and soda for those who attend.

So we can get a sense of the headcount for food, please head over to this link and RSVP (by adding your name to the list) no later than 5 PM on Friday, April 1st http://doodle.com/poll/ bdzdcpbxpp27iw2z