Wilkes University


Fall & Summer Registration Begins Soon

Fall & Summer 2016 Registration begins at 10:00 p.m. on March 20, 2016.  The Fall Master Schedule is now available on line at http://static4.mathcs.wilkes.edu/scheds/coursesF16.html or at the following locations:  Capin Hall, UCOM, Henry Student Center Lobby, Library, Stark Learning Center Lobby.
The Summer Master Schedule is available on-line at http://static4.mathcs.wilkes.edu/scheds/coursesSu16.html.
Pre-registration with Advisors begins Monday, March 14th.  Please make an appointment to pre-register with your advisor as soon as possible.  Registration dates are on this link http://www.wilkes.edu/academics/office-of-the-registrar-recorder/class-registration/registration-dates.aspx.
Note that Summer Registration is open to all students of all class years on Sunday, March 20th.