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A Message From the Commander

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, I am reminded of the core characteristics that are common among all Americans: strength, courage, tenacity and pride. On our campus (and across this great nation), these characteristics have been showcased during LGBT Pride Month. This year’s observance confirms America’s unwavering commitment for equality - despite the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Much like 9/11, this horrific event caused us to grow together as a country, not divide us as its intended goal. It is in our DNA as Americans “to protect Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.  
Luckily, military members are accustomed to working alongside a diverse population. This is our norm. Your cadre has completed supervisory training including LGBT challenges through our annual DoD Human Relations training. In addition to our DoD training, AFROTC will gain certification as a Safe Space by the start of the Fall Term.     
AFROTC Det 752 is steadfast in its mission to cultivate the best leaders for America – regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.
Please visit this link to hear the message from the Secretary of the Air Force, the Honorable Deborah Lee James. There you will find the Presidential Proclamation and DoD LGBT Pride Month Memo for 2016.
http://www.af.mil/News/ ArticleDisplay/tabid/223/ Article/795137/james-on-lgbt- pride-month-now-is-the-time- lets-celebrate.aspx
Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend!