Wilkes University


TREC Award Nominations are Open

The Wilkes University Teacher Recognition and Effectiveness Committee (TREC) is now accepting nominations for awards for the 2015-2016 academic year​. Each year, the committee accepts nominations from Faculty, Department Chairs, Deans, students, and alumni for various categories.  This year's awards include:
Carpenter Award
Innovative & Nontraditional Teaching Award (student nominated)
Multiculturalism Award
Part-Time Teaching Award
Outstanding Advisor Award (student nominated)
Alumni Mentoring Award
Interdisciplinary Teaching Award
Outstanding New Faculty Award
Academic Support Award
Information about the various awards can be found on the TREC website at: http://www.wilkes.edu/about-wilkes/university-committees/trec/index.aspx 
Please be aware of nomination deadlines and contact persons to whom the award nominations should be submitted, as not all awards are the same.  
If you have questions, please contact the chair of the TREC committee, Daniel Longyhore (daniel.longyhore@wilkes.edu).