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Book Orders for the Summer & Fall 2016 Semesters

It is that time of year again!

Book orders for the Summer & Fall 16 semesters 
Last year we rolled out our new faculty resource, FacultyEnlight a simple, user-friendly experience that will help you discover, adopt and deliver your course materials.
Built from extensive faculty research, FacultyEnlight combines search capabilities along with product reviews, making it easier than ever to select from our robust, academically oriented catalog. You’ll also be able to review your past three years of adoption history if you decide to register.
To get started, go to:
Then click the "Faculty Resources" link at the top right of the page.

                                 April 1, 2016 is the deadline  

You can also submit your book request via email to
tm502@bncollege.com, by phone or in person. 
FacultyEnlight is the preferred submission method if possible.

It is important to get your order to the bookstore as early as possible to allow maximum time to source for used copies. Early submission also allows more time to address any issues - such as new editions and out of print books - that may arise.
The bookstore will begin periodically sending out a list of missing book requests as the due date nears. Please take time to check this, even if you have submitted your order. This will help to identify and correct and issues that may occur. The bookstore does not automatically use the information from last year or term - you must confirm that you are using the same materials again.

Finally, if you do not plan on using a book for your class, please let the bookstore know so this information can be communicated to your students.

If you have any questions you can call me directly or a member of our textbook staff, Corrine Sartini, text supervisor.

Thank you for your continuing assistance.

Susan Martin
Textbook Manager
B & N Wilkes-King's Bookstore
P - 570.208.4700 ext. 14
F - 570.970.3442